Getting Started and Using the Service

Why is it asking for PIN number when I dial Phone Card access number?

You need to register your US phone number for PINless dialing, so that our system can recognize you.

If the phone number you registered is not sending Caller ID, our system cannot recognize you as well. Please make sure that your phone's caller ID is not blocked.

If you are calling from a phone that is regularly shared with many other people like dormitories, hotels, offices, hospital rooms, or any other phones, which you don't want to register for PINless dialing, you can contact to VoIPVoIP Customer Care.

PIN numbers are not given in sign up process in order to prevent fraudulent credit card purchases and a VoIPVoIP customer care representative must approve your request of PIN number.

To receive your PIN number open a help ticket following below steps.

1. Logon to My Account.

2. Click on "Help Desk " and than "Submit New Ticket " link

3. Enter a message requesting your PIN number.

5. Click on "Submit" button.

Your e-mail address will be responded by a VoIPVoIP customer care representative in 24 hours and you will receive your PIN number.