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Virtual Phone Number

How do I receive calls? What is Virtual Phone Number?

VoIPVoIP assigns every customer an unique VoIP account number (e.g. 555-123-1234) which is also used as a phone number to receive FREE calls from other VOIPVoIP customers. There are no monthly fees for this VOIP phone number but you cannot receive calls from traditional and mobile phones with this number.

If you would like to receive calls from any phone in the world you need to buy a Virtual Phone Number. Virtual Numbers are aliases for your VoIPVoIP account number that traditional phones can connect to.

The advantages of Virtual Phone Numbers are;

1.) You can keep your current phone number and never change again even if you move anywhere in the world.

2.) You are not tied to your "local area code". You can select a number with area code anywhere else in US.

3.) You can choose an International Virtual Phone Number and have your family, friends or business associates overseas reach you dialing a local number.