What is VoIP?

VoIP as known as Internet Phone Service is the new way to place and receive phone calls. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and is a technical way of saying “using the Internet for making telephone calls.” VoIP technology converts regular (or analog) phone calls into data (or digital) and zips them through your high-speed Internet connection.

Why do you want VoIP?

Why would you want to change your perfectly good telephone at home or in the office?

The main benefit of VoIP is very non-technical and simple to understand - it is cheaper than traditional phone services and has more features than you probably currently know about or use. With VoIP you can call anywhere at anytime for less money. And it's better than your traditional line because it expands the power of your phone.

How it works?

Placing a call is exactly the same as with any other regular phone. Just pick up the handset and dial the regular telephone number. It's that simple. You don't have to be technical or computer savvy to use VoIP. Receiving calls also works the same. The phone will ring just like a regular phone. With VoIP, just pick up the phone and start talking!

In more technical terms, your VoIP adapter splits your high-speed broadband connection and converts your analog signal to digital. The digital signal is sent through your modem and across the Internet. Your Internet connection will work as it did before you installed the VoIP adapter, sending emails and other Web data to your personal computer as normal. When someone calls you, they dial your regular telephone number. Behind the scenes, your number looks similar to an e-mail address. This number instructs the call to travel over the Internet to the VoIP adapter, your phone rings, and all you have to do is pick up and answer it.

How is this different than my current telephone service?

A VoIP phone service offers a number of advantages over current telephone services. Although it relies on different technology and communications that does not travel over traditional phone lines, it provides features similar to your current telephone service. This includes Call Waiting, 3-Way Calling, and Caller ID.

VoIP phone services also provide additional features that provide control and connectedness, such as the ability for callers to find you wherever you are, the ability to see all inbound and outbound calls over months, and the ability to listen to and manage voicemail.

A VoIP phone service will not work without household power or without broadband or high-speed Internet connection.

What advanced features are offered?

Along with low domestic and international phone rates, an impressive array of special phone features are available with VoIP phone services. Typical service plans allow you to choose your own preferred free local dialing US area code, regardless of where you live. You can add a Virtual Phone Number in any area code, forwarded to your phone.

Some of the other advanced features included;

Voice Mail + eFeatures - See and hear messages via the Web or through your phone and forward voice messages to your e-mail account. E-mail tells you when you have a message. Forward voicemail as an e-mail attachment.

Call Logs - View a list of calls you placed and received and click on any number to automatically dial, just like on your wireless phone.

Call Forwarding - Set your service so callers can find you at other numbers when you're not at your phone.

Speed Dial - Set up single-digit shortcuts for the numbers you call the most - just like on your cell phone.

Personal Conferencing - Set up a "meeting room" with up to ten callers on the same line. Personal Conferencing is provided free of charge.

Do Not Disturb - Receive calls only when you want to. Forward calls to voicemail but allow urgent calls to ring through.

What Do I need?

All you need is an easy-to-connect VoIP adapter, a broadband Internet connection, a regular telephone, and VoIP phone service plan.

A high-speed Internet connection (also known as Broadband) is the connection to your home that provides fast Internet access. These Internet connections can be either DSL or Cable from as Internet Service Providers such as Verizon DSL, Optimum Online, Road Runner, or any number of other high-speed Internet service providers in your area.

Easy Installation

Start talking with VoIP in only 3 steps.

1.) Connect your phone to VoIP VoIP phone adaptor.

2.) Connect the adaptor to your cable/DSL Internet connection.

3.) Start talking. It is that easy..

VoIP VoIP phone service is simple to use and easy to install – you can be up and running within minutes.

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