Nokia SIP Settings with IP address and VoIP over 3GNokia N95

If your Nokia phone is registered to our servers but if you still cannot make calls, delete SIP profile and configure the SIP profile again using IP address of our SIP server instead of the domain name

If you have problems making calls over 3G connection Nokia has a new application to configure the preferred codec, NAT settings, STUN, VoIP over 3G, etc. for Nokia N and E Series mobile phones.

This application can be used to configure VoIP settings on the terminal UI. You can create new VoIP profiles and modify the existing ones, and create and modify VoIP parameters and NAT/Firewall traversal settings and that are normally not visible on the device UI, such as codec settings and SIP domain-specific NAT/FW settings. It is also possible to save all the VoIP profile settings to a text file. IT also enables VoIP over WCDMA which means VoIP over 3G connection.

Checking your Nokia OS, here you can find detailed configuration guide for Nokia SIP settings with our IP address and how to make calls over 3G and changing codecs for better voice quality over 3G.

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I you don't know your Nokia operating system or your phone is not listed on our web site you can also check all the latest Nokia models supporting Nokia VoIP implementation clicking Nokia VoIP pages.