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PC Phone VoIP Support

PC Phone VoIP Support


Please click here to configure your PC Phone for your PC or laptop.

If you cannot register with your PC phone, you are probably behind NAT or firewall is enabled on your PC.

Disable firewall on your PC and make the following changes.

- Right click on any part of X-Lite PC Phone software and select "Sip Account Settings.."

- Click on "Properties..." button.

- Click on "Topology" tab.

- Select "Use local IP address" under "IP Address"

- Uncheck "Enable ICE" option and then click on "OK" button.

Restart X-Lite.

Once you see "Ready" on the screen of softphone wıth your account number you are ready to make calls. Enter the number you wish to call and press the green button.

For international calls, dial country code, area code and phone number, then press the green button. For domestic U.S. calls, just dial 1 + the area code and number then the green button.

If you still cannot register, try a different free PC Phone Zoiper.

Click here for more information about Zoiper and configuration guide.

If you still cannot register and make calls with a different softphone as well, this is due to your router's firewall (also known as NAT) blocking certain operations of your PC.

In this case, click here to solve firewall NAT issues on your router.