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VoIPVoIP Teleblend
Name of the Plan Pay-as-yo-Go Unlimited Plan (Transfer Special)
Activation Fee $0 $0
Activation taxes and other fees $0 $0
Equipment Fee $49.95 (unlocked) or bring your own device $0 (locked)
Features Voicemail, Caller ID, etc included YES YES
Features Fee $0 $0
Monthly Fee $0 $12.95 (6 mo)- $19.95
Taxes and Other Fees $0 YES
Virtual US Phone Number to receive calls $6.99 $0
Incoming Calls Fee $0 $0
Intl Virtual Phone Numbers available Over 30 countries NO
US & Canada Rates 1.9¢/min 0 ¢/min
International Rates for over 25 countries 1.9¢/min N/A
International Rates for other countries Very Low N/A
Bundled Phone Card in US
(cheap intl. calls even without VoIP service)
Phone Card Fee $0 N/A
Phone Card Access Rate 2 ¢/min N/A
Total Yearly Cost $93.88 + cost of Intl and US calls you make $197.40 + cost of Intl calls you make + taxes

*The rates of the plan shown above was gathered from the publicly available websites of Teleblend in July 2007.