How to get a Toll Free Number

You can get a toll free phone number, living in any country in the world and have your customers reach your business dialing a local toll free number with VoIPVoIP.

With toll free numbers your customers will be able to call you at no cost to them, and their calls can be routed to any of your existing VoIP phone lines or IP PBX systems.

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If you don't have any VoIP device we can also forward toll free calls to any mobile or landline phone in the world

US Toll Free Pricing

Toll-Free priceWith VoIPVoIP, to receive calls with US Toll Free number of your choice you pay $6.99/ month.

You can also keep your US toll free number for free.

There are two ways of forwarding toll free calls to our customers:

IF YOU HAVE A VOIP DEVICE OR IP PBX; we can forward calls to any VoIP device which is configured with your VoIPVoIP account. In this case all incoming calls for toll free numbers are 2.9 cents/minute.

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IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A VOIP DEVICE or IP PBX; we can forward calls to any mobile or landline phone in the world when you activate call forwarding feature in your account, but you also have to pay toll free call forwarding charge.

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How to buy?

Choose "Virtual Phone Numbers" option at Sign Up Step1 and activate call forwarding feature in the next step and continue with the steps to choose virtual your phone number.

You can also buy Virtual Phone Numbers from MY ACCOUNT link after you sign up for Calling Card or VoIP Direct services.

Once you buy a Virtual Phone Number, it would be activated in 24 hours and you would be notified by e-mail when your number is ready.

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Imagine of having business cards with USA, UK, and Australia toll free numbers. For a low-cost monthly charge, clients worldwide can call you without dialing long distance. And you get the local presence without all the expensive overhead.

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