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The VoIPVoIP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) provide extensive information about our service. In this section you can find answers to most of the questions other members have had about VoIPVoIP service.

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Virtual Number Support

How do I activate voicemail for my virtual number? How do I change the voicemail greeting?

To activate your voicemail;

1. Logon to My Account.

2. Click on "Features" link

3. Turn the status "ON" to activate voicemail.

4. Enter a 4 digit password to access to your voicemail (example 1234)

5. Click on "Apply" button

You can also enter your e-mail address at this link and start receiving your voicemail's as e-mail.

To access your voicemail;

Dial *98 from IP phone or the phone connected to your VoIP device or from PC Phone. If you don't have VoIP device you can access to your voicemail dialing your virtual number and than dialing * and your voicemail password as soon as you hear voicemail greeting.

To change the greeting for voicemail;

1) Dial *98 from your VoIP phone for voicemail service

2) Dial your password (You need to setup your voicemail password from My Account / Features link entering 4 digits)

You can also acces to your voicamail box dialing your virtual number from any phone. Once you hear the voicemail greeting dial * and than your voicemail password to access to your voicemail box.

3) Dial 0 to access Mailbox Menu

4) Dial 1 to record your Greeting Message

5) You can check recorded greeting dialing 2 and save it dialing 1

6) Hang up your phone

NOTE: If you are BYOD user some VoIP adapters don`t have *98 dial pattern included in the configuration and you might need to add *98 to dial pattern logging to your VoIP adapter.

NOTE 2: The default voicemail timestamp is in GMT. Please open a ticket to our customer support if you want to change your voicemail timestamp to your time zone.