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Billing Support

Why am I charged for a call that did not go through? Can I get a refund?

Although we work with biggest carriers of the world, if you make a call to a mobile phone in a bad service area or to a country with a poor phone network the carrier in that country might still charge us even when the call does not go through.

Unfortunately it is impossible for us to follow these charges and if you let us know the call that do not go though opening a ticket, we would gladly refund the amount back to your account immediately and start investigating the issue in order to prevent happening again. To open a Help Ticket;

1. Logon to My Account.

2. Click on "Help Desk " and than "Submit New Ticket " link

3. Enter a message explaining the issue

5. Click on "Submit" button.

Your ticket would be responded within 24 hours by a VoIPVoIP customer care representative.