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The VoIPVoIP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) provide extensive information about our service. In this section you can find answers to most of the questions other members have had about VoIPVoIP service.

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Virtual Number Support

How do I make calls with my virtual number?

You can use your VoIPVoIP account to make calls WITH or WITHOUT having a Virtual Phone Number.

While you pay monthly fees to receive calls with a Virtual Phone Number, there are no monthly fees to make calls with VoIPVoIP Pay-as-you-Go service.

The pricing to make calls does not change if you have Virtual Phone Number or not. Although you can receive unlimited calls with a Virtual Phone Number, VoIPVoIP does not offer unlimited calling plans to any country and has only pay as you go service for making calls, so you always have to pay the rate of calling that destination if you make any calls.

You can make calls with VoIPVoIP anywhere in the world with no contract, no monthly fees, no setup fee or disconnection fee, no taxes or any other hidden fees and VoIPVoIP offers,

• 1.9 cents a minute calls to anywhere in the USA, Europe and 28 countries and very competitive international rates for other destinations of the world.

• Free calls between other VoIPVoIP customers

You get started for as little as $10 prepaid credit (for calls to the 28 countries, that'll hold you over for up to 300 minutes!). No expiration. You can make calls next week or next year.

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