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Why can't I make any calls ?

Your VoIP Adapter needs to register with our proxy server in order to make calls. If the VoIP Adapter can't register, the VoIPVoIP server can't route calls from the device.

Some reasons why your phone adapter may not be able to register with VoIPVoIP servers:

• Possible power outage

• Telephone and VoIPVoIP Adapter may not be plugged in

• Internet connectivity has been lost

• Router/firewall options have blocked VoIPVoIP traffic

Please check that you have Internet connectivity (try to view a few web sites) and check if your router/firewall settings have changed. If these items have been checked, it is possible you need to reboot the Phone Adapter.

Reboot your equipment as described in "Rebooting Your Equipment."

If your VoIP telephone adapter is placed behind a router or a combined modem/router, you may experience problems with your VoIPVoIP service because of firewall issues.

Try the solutions as described in "Calling Issues with Router"