What is VoIP Direct?

If you are located in one of the 20+ VoIP Direct countries, now you can make VoIP calls from your mobile or home phone even when Internet is not available.

VoIP Direct is a new technological advance in Calling Card services and enables affordable way to make cheap international calls, even without dialing access number.

Calling Cards are simple, and VoIP Direct is even simpler. You give us the phone number of a friend in another country, and we give you a local number for them. You save this number on your mobile so you can call your friend whenever you want, for a fraction of your normal international rate.

No more dialing Calling Card Access numbers, No PINs. No trips to the store.

So, even if you don't have high speed Internet you can sign up only for VoIP direct services and start making low cost calls at prices that can't be beat!

VoIP Direct service is also a bundled option for all VoIP users. Now whether you're traveling, out for lunch or the internet is not available, your VoIPVoIP account will always be with you!

How VoIP DirectWorks?

You can start talking with VoIP Direct in only 3 steps. As easy as 1-2-3...

Once you signup for VoIP Direct, login to My Account click the "VoIP Direct" link and register the phone number of your friend in another country.

VoIPVoIP will instantly provide you a permanent alias local number for your contact. Save this number on your mobile phone as your friend's new phone number.

Simply call your friend directly dialing this new local number whenever you want- and talk at VoIPVoIP's ultra low rates.

VoIP Direct numbers work from any phone registered in your VoIPVoIP Account.

If you did not register your friends number for VoIP Direct service you can also use your account as Calling Card service just dialing our Calling Card access number in your country and enjoy the same low International rates.

Click here to see our calling card access numbers.


You can currently use VoIP Direct service if you live in any of the countries below. Please note that our coverage is continuously expanding so check regularly for updates.







If your country is not listed above you can still use our Call Back Service in other countries. Click here to learn more about call back service..

Calling Rates

Our VoIP initial rates start from as little as 1.9¢/min to call phones anywhere in US, Europe and 20+ countries.  VoIP Direct rates are only 1¢/minute higher than our VoIP rates, which is the cost of assigning unique local numbers.

At times when you have high speed Internet connection, you can also make calls with our VoIP rates from your computer downloading our free softphone or using a VoIP device and save even more. Click here to learn more about our VoIP services.

Get started for as little as $10 prepaid credit (for calls to the 20+ countries, that'll hold you over for up to 500 minutes!). 

Sample VoIP Rates are as follows ( add 1¢/min as VoIP Direct access rate)

Argentina flag Argentina 1.9 ¢ /min Italy flag Italy 1.9 ¢/min
Australia flag Australia 1.9 ¢ /min Japan flag Japan 3.1 ¢ /min
Brazil flag Brazil 1.9 ¢ Mexico flag Mexico 1.9 ¢ /min
Bulgaria flag Bulgaria 5.5 ¢ /min Nepal flag Nepal 12.7 ¢/min
China flag China 2.2¢/min Pakistan flag Pakistan 13 ¢ /min
Colombia flag Colombia 1.9 ¢ Philippines flag Philippines 12.6 ¢/min
France flag France 1.9 ¢ Poland flag Poland 1.9 ¢ /min
Germany flag Germany 1.9 ¢ Romania flag Romania 1.9 ¢ /min
India flag India 1.9 ¢ /min Russia flag Russia 1.9 ¢ /min
Iran flag Iran 7.4 ¢ /min Taiwan flag Taiwan 1.9 ¢/min
Iraq flag Iraq 5.5 ¢ /min Ukraine flag Ukraine 10 ¢ /min
Israel flag Israel 1.9 ¢ /min Vietnam flag Vietnam 3.5 ¢/min

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No Hidden Fees

VoIP Direct takes only the good feature from calling cards - quick affordable calling. And it takes out all the bad features - hidden fees, dialing access numbers, long pins, Trips to the store. Then it tops it off with advantages only possible via the web: instant recharging online, call record history, so you get more convenience and spend less.

VoIP Direct Fees How much?
Connection fees none
Maintenance fees none
Weekly fees none
Activation fees none
Service processing fees none
Checkout charges none
Rounding 1 minute billing, nothing tricky
VoIP Direct access fee 1¢/minute


Bundled Calling Card

If you are calling a long distance contact for the first time, and are not near a computer, you can still use VoIP Direct with bundled calling card service just dialing our Calling Card access numbers .

Click here to learn more about Calling Card Services

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If you are calling a long distance contact for the first time, and if you are not near a computer, you can still use VoIP Direct with bundled calling card service just dialing our Calling Card access numbers and enjoy the same low International rates.

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