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The VoIPVoIP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) provide extensive information about our service. In this section you can find answers to most of the questions other members have had about VoIPVoIP service.

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How many simultaneous calls can I make or receive with my VoIP account? How can I order more channels or virtual numbers to make/receive calls?

The number of outgoing calls are unlimited. The number of simultaneous outgoing calls will be limited with the bandwidth of your broadband connection.

US Virtual numbers can receive two simultaneous calls with a residential plan and all incoming calls are free or you can receive 20 simultaneous calls with the business plan and incoming calls are charged 1.9 cents per minute.

International virtual numbers can receive 2 simultaneous calls and all incoming calls are free, extra channels are available upon request. The setup fee of these trunks is $35 per channel and the monthly fee is $35 per channel.