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The VoIPVoIP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) provide extensive information about our service. In this section you can find answers to most of the questions other members have had about VoIPVoIP service.

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Account and Service Support

How can I set up a sub account? How can I access my sub account?

To set up a sub account

1. Logon to My Account.

2. Click on "Sub Accounts" link.

3. Click on "Add New" link

4. Follow the sign up steps.

If you choose the "Charge from parent account " option, any purchase (credits, monthly fees or other purchases) will be made using the credit card information in the main account.

If "Charge from parent's balance" option is enabled, the cost of each call will be charged from the balance of the main account.

Please also note that main account and sub account can use the same e-mail address but you should set a different password for your sub accounts.

You can set up as many sub accounts as you wish.

How can I access my sub account?

You need to log off from your main account in order to access to your subaccount.

If you are not loged in to any of your accounts;

1. Click at My Account link.

2. Use the e-mail address and password that you have set for your sub account to access your subaccount.