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Why does my call sound broken up? Why am I experiencing poor quality calling regular or mobile phone numbers?

In general, "choppy" calls or poor quality are the result of latency or packet loss in your Internet Service Provider's (ISP) network. In other words, your Internet connection may not be fast enough to send and receive voice data, resulting in lost information.

This may occur when connection speeds are compromised by ISP problems, network congestion, or heavy bandwidth usage such as online gaming or the upload/download of files.

• Check a few web sites you commonly view and see if they are performing slower than usual. If this is the case, it is probable that your ISP is experiencing a problem.

• If anyone is sharing your Internet connection, or you are uploading/downloading files via the Internet, pause this activity and see if voice quality improves.

Try the following solutions on your VoIP device to resolve the quality issues.

1.) Check if your VoIP device supports G729 compressed codec and is chosen as default or preferred codec. G729 codec works better if you have low speed Internet connection.

2.) Check if your VoIP device supports iLBC compressed codec and is chosen as default or preferred codec. iLBC codec works better if you have very low speed of Internet connection or high latency such as satellite Internet connection. You can find codec options usually in advanced configuration of your VoIP device.

3.) Try using your VoIP service with a different and faster Internet connection and see if the quality improves. If you experience better quality, this would confirm that the issue is due to your Internet connection speed.

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