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Virtual Number Support

I cannot be reached with my virtual number? What is the problem?

If you are using a VoIP device connected to high speed Internet and if you can't receive calls with your Virtual Phone Number or get one-way audio, busy signal etc you are probably behind firewall. Your router's firewall (also known as NAT) is blocking certain operations of the VoIP device.

Before trying to resolve this issue on your VoIP device, try activating call forwarding feature from My Account and forward calls to a landline phone number in order to confirm there are no issues with your virtual number.

To forward calls to a landline;

1. Logon to My Account

2. Click on "Features" and than "Incoming Calls" link

3. Turn the status "ON" for "Call Forwarding Always" option

4. Enter the number you want to forward calls to.

To forward to any phone number in US you must enter 1 + Area Code + Phone number. To forward to any PSTN phone number that is outside of US, you must enter 011 + Country Code + City Code + Phone number

4. Click on "APPLY" button.

If you can receive calls when call forwarding feature is activated, but not with your VoIP device, this is due to configuration issue on your VoIP device.

Click here to solve VoIP configuration issues.

If you can make calls with your VoIP device, receive calls with call forwarding but only you cannot receive calls with VoIP device that there is a firewall issue with your router.

Click here to solve router firewall issues.

If you cannot receive calls even when call forwarding feature is activated, you need to open a help ticket for one of VoIPVoIP customer care representatives, in order to investigate the issue further. To open a Help Ticket;

1. Logon to My Account.

2. Click on "Help Desk " and than "Submit New Ticket " link

3. Enter a message explaining the issue

5. Click on "Submit" button.

Your ticket will be responded within 24 hours by a VoIPVoIP customer care representative.