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Questions Before Signing Up

How am I charged for the service?

VoIPVoIP Internet phone service with Pay-as-you-Go plan has no contract, no monthly fees

If you bring your own device there is no equipment cost. If you don't have your own VoIP device you can buy pre configured VoIP adapter for $49.95 from us while signing up.

You can start up making calls by as little as $10 prepaid calling credit. Calls are billed per minute based on our low international rates.

If you decide to buy Virtual phone number to receive calls from regular phone for US Phone number of your choice or to keep your current phone number you pay $6.99/ month. To receive calls with International phone number, there is $15 one time set-up fee and $15.00 monthly fee.

All incoming calls are FREE. You get all great calling features like Voicemail by e-mail, Call Forwarding, Caller ID and many more for FREE

There is no other setup fee or disconnection fee, or any other hidden fees.