VoIP International Calling Rates

VoIPVoIP calling rates are same from any country in the world. No matter where you live, to some of the most popular destinations, we have one unified international calling rate, which we call the VoIPVoIP Global Rate 1.9 cents a minute. The 20+ countries included in Global Rate are as follows; (see all rates)

international calling rates

Argentina (Buenos Aires, Cordoba), Belgium, Brazil (Rio De Janeiro), Canada (including mobiles), China Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong (including mobiles), Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Vatican, Mexico (Mexico City, Monterrey), Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg), Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom,
United States (including mobiles)

Phone Card rates are 1¢/minute higher than our VoIP rates, which is the cost of calling our access number. Click here to learn more about Phone Card service.

Sample rates
Brazil flag Australia 1.9¢/min
Brazil flag Brazil 1.9 ¢ /min
India flag Bulgaria 5.5 ¢/min
Mexico flag China 2.2¢/min
Nepal flag Colombia 1.9¢/min
India flag France 1.9¢/min
India flag India 1.9 ¢/min
Brazil flag Iran 7.4 ¢/min
India flag Iraq 5.5 ¢/min
Mexico flag Mexico 1.9¢/min
Nepal flag Nepal 12.7 ¢/min
Philippines flag Pakistan 13 ¢ /min
Philippines flag Philippines 12.6 ¢/min
Vietnam flag Taiwan 1.9 ¢/min
Mexico flag Ukraine 10 ¢/min
Vietnam flag Vietnam 3.5 ¢/min
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Please check the exact destination area code for most accurate calling rate.