Bring Your Own Device

With VoIPVoIP, you have the freedom to use virtually any softphone, VoIP adapter, gateway, IP phone, or IP PBX system you choose, as long as it supports the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).

We provide easy to understand configuration guides for many popular manufacturers including Linksys, Grandstream and more.

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Virtual Phone Numbers

Buy a local telephone number from your home country. Your family and friends call you as a local call... as if you were just across the street.

The call is sent to your VoIP service or forwarded to your phone anywhere in the world and your phone rings. It's that easy, they call you in your home country but you answer anywhere in the world

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Bundled Calling Card

Calling Cards are simple, and VoIPVoIP bundled calling card is even simpler.

You register your US phone numbers for PINless dialing. VoIPVoIP provides you a Phone Card access number. Then you're ready to start saving on long distance calls even when you don't have Internet connection.

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FREE features voicemail by e-mail, call forwarding, caller ID and many more...

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