Acrobits Softphone SIP Settings for VoIP Configuration Acrobits

Now you can enjoy crystal-clear phone calls over the Internet using iPhone or Android phone.

If you have access to a WiFi or 3G connection, you can save money by using the Internet to connect your call instead of using your mobile phone minutes. No roaming or out-of-network fees. Make your calls from anywhere in the world to anywhere for just a few pennies a minute. Simple to configure, inexpensive to use.

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The Acrobits Softphone is the leading SIP VoIP phone for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and Android phones. With great features such as Push Notifications, Bluetooth Support and in-app access to your phone contacts, the Softphone is the solution for SIP users on iPhone and Android phones.

You can download Acrobits for iPhone at iTunes App Store. or for Android phones at Android Market.

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Here you can find Acrobits SIP settings and voip setup configuration guide with VoIPVoIP service.


To add VoIPVoIP service click on SETTINGS, navigate between the options and choose "SIP Accounts"

Acrobits other SIP settings 1

When the following screen appears choose " marks the account to be used for out going calls" from the list.

Acrobits other SIPconfiguration



When the following screen appears; choose "VoIPVoIP"

Acrobits other SIP setup

Click here if you cannot find the VoIPVoIP on the list


Enter the following for SIP account details;

Acrobits other SIP configuration


Username: 5551231234 (Instead of 5551231234 account number example, use the account number assigned to you when signed up for VoIPVoIP service. )

Password: Enter the same password used to login to your VoIPVoIP account
(passwords are case sensitive)


Tab on "Done"


Once Acrobits is registered to VoIPVoIP you will be taken to the keypad.

Acrobits other SIP configuration


To dial any phone number that is part of the NANP (North American Numbering Plan), you must dial:

1 + Area Code + Phone number

To dial any phone number that is outside of the NANP (North American Numbering Plan), you must dial:

Country Code + City Code + Phone number

For example if you want to call Brazil (country code 55) phone number in Rio de Janeiro (city code 21) you must dial 5521 and phone number.

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For better voice quality on 3G networks you can addon G729 codec for your acrobits.

Click here to learn more about G729 on Acrobits