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The Calling Card Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) provide extensive information about our service. In this section you can find answers to most of the questions other members have had about VoIPVoIP service.

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Phone Card support

VoIP Direct /Phone Card Support

In this section you can find answers to most of the questions other members have had about VoIPVoIP calling card service.

How Calling Card /Phone Card works?

How VoIP Direct works?

How am I charged for the service?

Where can I find information on International calling rates?

Why is it asking for PIN number when I dial Phone Card access number?

How do I register my phone numbers for PINless dialing?

How do I make calls with speed dial feature?

Why am I charged for a call that did not go through? Can I get a refund?

What is phone card access fee that I see in my call history?

Where do I see my call details, payments, invoices?

Can I use my Calling Card. VoIP Direct account with VoIP service? How?

How can I make payments or buy more credit with PayPal? How is my payment information and privacy guaranteed to be 100% safe & secure?

If you cannot find an answer to your question in Calling Card FAQ's or topics on the left, email support with an average response time of one hour and with customer support agents available 7 days/24 hours a day is the preferred method of accurate assistance.


For further assistance, VoIP VoIP Customer Support Agents are available by phone 8:00 AM- 5:00 PM Eastern Time, 5 days a week. Support Agents can also answer questions about placing your order or help you track a pending order.

Chat Online

Phone: (925) 395-5300

When contacting Customer Support, please note the results of troubleshooting steps you have attempted and please provide as much information as you can regarding to below points.

• VoIPVoIP Account Number

• Detailed description of the issue you are having.

• If you experience issues placing or receiving calls, please specify the times and numbers of the attempted calls.

For VoIP services plase also provide;

• Type of Internet connection (DSL/Cable/Dial up/Satellite) and name of your Internet Service Provider.

• Make and model of your router (if using one).

• Make and model of your telephone.

• Brief description of your home network (computers, routers, hubs, switches, firewall software).